In an increasingly fragmented media landscape, it’s more important than ever to target your advertising campaigns effectively, using the right kind of proposition and incentive. With consumers and decision makers operating both on and offline, your brand message should..

Campaign strategy

The measure of your advertising is its effectiveness. And effective advertising campaigns require research & planning. Only after we’ve listened to our clients and understood their objectives can we get tactical. We approach each advertising project from your targeted audience’s..

Corporate Identity

Most people recognise, if only intuitively, that every organisation is unique. But an organisation only really has a strong identity when people recognise and value its uniqueness.


Everybody has a unique personality, every business, however small, has a brand. It is a set of perceptions in the mind of your customers (and your staff) that determines how they feel about you. These include your core values, what you do and how you do it and the tangible..

Brand strategy

Flipside360’s wealth of branding knowledge can help increase the value of your brand over time. We can provide guidelines for organisations to follow on the usage and application of their brand…

Ambience Branding

be it a site or an office everything speaks for itself, as you invest into the ambience and over all aesthetics of your workspace, we recommend you give equal importance to your communications at workspace.